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What’s the Story?

You’re invited to the launch night of What’s the Story? on 31st of May!

Come and hear all about this Irish evangelistic initiative, which seeks to connect seekers to the local church, and see how you and your church can get involved. We will meet on Zoom at 7:30pm and hope to see you there!

The link to the Zoom meeting is

Everybody has a story.

What’s the story?’ has listened to almost 1000 stories of people from across Ireland and has uncovered 2 common objections to Christianity and 4 common questions that point to a deep need for Christ. We know that there are hundreds of churches in Ireland faithfully sharing God’s word, who are answering these objections and pointing to Christ. So how can these churches speak into the lives of even more people who need to hear their message?

In Spring 2022, ‘What’s the Story?’ will prompt people to think about the big existential themes that are woven through their lives, through 6 weeks of nationwide publicity. What’s the Story? will provide a platform for churches to reach people all over Ireland, giving them a unique opportunity to introduce God as the main character of each life story, and show how Jesus can bring about a glorious eternal plot twist. We are praying that a new chapter will be written in the history of Ireland.

Will you be a part of this story?

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