We Represent

We strive to represent by articulating a voice in Irish society that expresses Evangelical viewpoints in a way that is attractive, coherent and biblical.

  • EAI represents churches on the Irish Council of Churches.
  • EAI has become an evangelical face at the table when the Irish Government wants dialogue with religious leaders. Our meetings with the Taoiseach and the Ceann Comhairle mean that EAI is a recognisable name in Leinster House, which adds credibility when member organisations have to engage with government departments. We are seen as the main body used by governmental and regulatory bodies when they wish to deal with matters concerning or affecting the evangelical movement including:
    • Recently were asked to represent the evangelical viewpoint at the Governmental Plenary Meeting with representatives from Churches, Faith Communities and Non-Confessional Organisations, St Patrick’s Hall, Dublin Castle.
    • Liaising with the Government on the re-drafting of the visa requirements for incoming Ministers of Religion.
    • Attendance and participation in meeting with Human Rights Commissioner of the European Parliament at Iveagh House.
    • Attendance at Joint Houses of Oireachtas Committee in regard to the rights of religious minorities in Irish schools.
  • During the referendum campaign on changing the 8th Amendment, EAI distributed over 9,000 books on the subject and conducted meetings in over 40 venues around the country, equipping ordinary Christians with the tools to advocate for the unborn as well as making submissions to the Citizens Assembly re the 8th amendment.
  • EAI have worked closely with the Charity Regulator on their approach to dealing with the registration of churches.
  • Executive Director Nick Park continues to have article and letters published in the Irish Times and Irish Independent as well as participating in interviews and debates on Newstalk Radio, Spirit Radio & UCB Radio.

EAI Books

EAI has had a prominent role in providing access to educational and informative books, written by EAI and our Executive Director Nick Park including topics on The Gospel and Human Rights, Birth Equality (8th Amendment), Ministry to Migrants and Asylum Seekers, Standard services/ceremonies for small churches and many more.

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