We Equip

We aim to equip individuals and churches by providing insights and resources that can help them to minister the Gospel in authentic, relevant and faithful ways

In recent years, in response to queries from churches throughout Ireland, EAI has organised a number of regional seminars dealing with various issues relating to the management and governance of churches, including health and safety, youth leadership development, developing community outreach, advice and support on visa applications for ministers of religion and for volunteers from overseas. Various professionals from different disciplines assisted us with their expertise in hosting these seminars. More will be scheduled in the future and additional topics will also be addressed.

Some of the topics we have included in our seminars and workshops have been:

  • What does an outward focused church look like today? Exploring the new forms of worship, service and discipleship required to meet the needs of the non-churched whilst at the same time valuing old wine skins.
  • Street evangelism and door-to-door outreach – methods, context, resources and practical steps on sharing your faith with a stranger.
  • Creative Evangelism – The Jesus Example – lessons to be learned from Jesus’ example of reaching out to the lost and marginalised in our communities. How Christians, as ambassadors of Christ, can contribute meaningfully to alleviating the issues that are damaging the communities where we live, work and worship, exploring what it looks like for Christians to respond to the needs of their community in a way that is loving, respectful and Christlike.
  • Prayer Evangelism – how the principles in Luke 10 and I Timothy 2, lived out as a lifestyle by all members of the church, can transform society and cause the community to open up to the church.
  • Missional Communities – focusing on what it means to be a disciple in 21st century Ireland and how rediscovering the church as extended families on mission is key to the churches’ survival.
  • Creative Church Planting – sharing insights into how God is currently working through new expressions of church to ensure the effective spread of the gospel in Ireland.
  • Mobilising Your Church for Mission – developing congregations into missionaries to the local community, using the simple principles of pray, invite and bring.
  • Abortion Issues – How can Christians engage in the national debate in a way that reflects Jesus? How can we help women in our churches who may have had experience of an abortion in the past? – During the referendum campaign on changing the 8th Amendment, we distributed over 9,000 books on the subject and conducted meetings in over 40 venues around the country, equipping ordinary Christians with the tools to advocate for the unborn.
  • Creation Care – What does it mean to be stewards of God’s creation? How can churches and individuals make a difference?
  • Homelessness – How can we best help the homeless in our local communities?
  • Religious Persecution – What can an ordinary grassroots Christian do to make a difference to our persecuted brothers and sisters overseas?
  • Immigration and Racial Discrimination – What does a church without prejudice look like? How can we make our churches welcoming spaces for refugees and migrants?

EAI Church Guidelines

EAI has also produced a number of guideline documents addressing those topics have been developed and are available to our members. These represent best practices in the various areas addressed and will assist you in development and implementation of your own standards and protocols.

Current EAI Guidelines available to Members

  • Guideline No 01 Legal Structures for Churches
  • Guideline No 02 Oversight of Churches and Related Organisations
  • Guideline No 03 Financial Oversight
  • Guideline No 04 Transparency
  • Guideline No 05 The Tax Treatment Charitable Donations and Fundraising
  • Guideline No 06 Health and Safety Management for Churches
  • Guideline No 07 Management of Fire Safety
  • Guideline No 08 Preparation of Planning Applications
  • Guideline No 09  Child Protection Policies and Procedures
  • Guideline No 10 Registration of Churches with the Charities Regulator