We Connect

We seek to connect and facilitate cooperation between Evangelical Christians from a wide range of congregations, movements and denominations across Ireland.

As part of this mission, EAI have been running a number of conferences, open forums and discussion days to help encourage, inform, educate and foster discussion on a number of topics within churches and the wider Christian arena. Some of the topics covered include – Street evangelism, Missional Communities, Abortion Issues, Religious Persecution, Creative Evangelisation, Creative Church Planting, Creation Care and Equipping and retaining young adults in our churches and our communities. By bringing people together to network, connect, discuss and debate these issues we hope to keep encouraging cooperation and connections amongst our churches, individuals and organisations.

GROWING & VIBRANT A census and survey of Christian Churches Beyond the Traditional Four Main Denominations

Evangelical Churches Survey 2018

In 2018 we published the “Growing and Vibrant – A Census and Survey of Christian Churches beyond the traditional four main denominations” report which dealt with the findings of a census and survey of independent Christian churches carried out by Evangelical Alliance Ireland (EAI) over the course of 2017.

448 churches were contacted either by email or by telephone and were requested to complete a survey and the findings of the survey point to a young, active and growing church which is highly representative of the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Ireland of today.

Find out more about this Survey and download the Report here ›

Just-One Carol Service

In December 2018 EAI organised and ran the Just-One multi-church carol service, an evangelism event of over 2,000 people, where each Christian attending brought along one non-Christian to enjoy the event and to hear an address from Canon J John, the renowned UK evangelist and speaker at the National Boxing Stadium in Dublin and other venues around the country. We plan on holding another one of these wonderful evenings in the near future.

As well as providing a wide range of guidelines and information to churches, organisations and individuals, EAI’s new Resource Hub will also try and connect people together to share their stories and experiences so that they can encourage and benefit the wider church and Christian area.