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St. Patrick’s Testimony

With St Patrick’s Day approaching quickly we would strongly encourage you to read St. Patrick’s Testimony 

Evangelical Catholic Initiative have just published a very readable version in conjunction with Wild Goose Publishing, a Pentecostal ministry based in Bray. Wild Goose is the old Irish Celtic name for the Holy Spirit. Patrick’s Testimony or Confession is by far the most important of the only two documents that exist today written by Patrick.  There are, in fact, 8 Latin manuscripts of it that exist today.

Patrick’s Testimony written near the end of his life gives his account of how the Lord changed his life and used him in a powerful way in Ireland. His Testimony is Christ-centered and Scripturally based.  In fact, he quotes in full or in part 70 different Scriptures including 22 from the Old Testament. These 70 are set out in this Pamphlet.

The St. Patrick’s Testimony Pamphlet can be downloaded here and a word document of the main new features of it here. Its also available on the ECI website –  This version is unique as it opens up (accordion style) into a full A1 sized paper and on the back is St. Patrick’s Breastplate, so it can be put up as a Poster

In addition, at the end it gives an opportunity to encounter Jesus as Patrick did. Thus it also becomes a wonderful evangelistic tool. It has been warmly received by Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal Churches including:

  1.  Fr Pádraig Gleeson PP Sallynoggin Parish, South Dublin “What a delight to receive such a concise and readable version of St. Patrick’s testimony with the poster size version of The Breastplate.  My parishioners were delighted to receive it as we prepare to celebrate our Nation Patron’s feast day.” (Bought 500 pamphlets and posting them to parishioners)
  2. Fr. John Nally, PP Ashbourne, Co. Meath: “A relevant and much needed depiction of Patrick for today, St. Patrick’s Testimony is a beautifully attractive pamphlet that presents Patrick as a continuous seeker of God whose honesty and struggle is timeless. Far more than a history or chronicle, it is a springboard and path to know and follow Jesus today” (Bought 500 pamphlets)
  3. Church of Ireland Rector Rev Dr. William Olhausen said “I love it. I am very happy to endorse it as an excellent summary of Patrick’s creed and of what Ireland’s first Christians were taught. It was this worldview that made possible the vocation to become a land of saints and scholars.”
  4.  Executive Director of the Evangelical Alliance Pastor Nick Park said  “This is a wonderfully innovative way to celebrate St Patrick and his pioneering of the Gospel in Ireland. This booklet, opening out into a beautiful poster, will provoke questions and conversations as we face a very different Patrick’s Day. I congratulate and commend all those involved in its production, and pray God will use it to transform lives.”
  5. Pastor John Ahern, All Nations Church, National Stadium, Dublin. It is a beautiful reproduction of what is the oldest and most important document of the Irish people. It is a link with the beginning of a 1,500-year history of Christianity on our island.(ordered 500 pamphlets) Pastor John Ahern, All Nations Church, National Stadium, Dublin 

Other endorsements here

Matthew Rudolph is an American Messianic Jewish leader with a passion for Irish Celtic Christianity. His input on St. Patrick’s Testimony is acknowledged in the pamphlet. His dad David is one of the key International Leaders of TJCII.  Matthew leads Gateways Beyond International and they have set up communities in Cyprus, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel and east and west coast of the US.  These are all modelled on the book of Acts and Irish Celtic Christianity. See Matthew’s inspiring address at All Nations Church in Dublin on Irish Celtic Christianity just over 2 years ago.

If you would like to order 100 pamphlets, the cost is €50 plus postage. Please email your address to Evangelical Catholic Initiative at  If you want to receive before the 17th March, please order ASAP. Please keep this initiative in your prayer that the God of Patrick would move in power by his Holy Spirit in Ireland and beyond. May He use this initiative featuring the true story of St. Patrick’s Testimony to cause our people to turn back in repentance to him.


Paddy Monaghan
Evangelical Catholic Initiative