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SEC Education Grant

SEC Education Grants – Supporting Protestant Education

The Secondary Education Committee (SEC) provides grants to help Protestants attend fee charging Protestant-managed Secondary Schools.

The SEC was established in 1968 to administer the Protestant Block Grant Scheme agreed with the Department of Education when the free capitation education scheme was introduced.

Grants are allocated through a means-tested process in accordance with strict criteria. Grants awarded are paid to the relevant school to off-set school fees and not directly to the applicant.

The Secondary Education Committee (SEC) is a Limited Company limited by guarantee with a charitable purpose: to allocate grant aid to facilitate and allow parents from Protestant faith traditions to send their children to a Protestant second level school.

SEC Education Grant

There are currently 60 eligible Protestant churches, and a full list can be found on Protestant churches not listed there can apply to be recognised.

The 2021/2022 application process is open at the end of October.

To apply, request a Registration Form from your school.

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For any queries email the SEC Grant Advisor at or call 01 551 4693