EAI Resource Hub

Evangelical Alliance Ireland is devoted to equipping Irish churches and Christians with resources to enable them to serve their communities and the nation as effectively as possible.

EAI Resource Hub

EAI is committed to becoming one of the main centres for providing up to date information, resourcing churches, giving advice, sharing stories and making connections between Christians and churches in Ireland.

We are in the process of building an online Resource Hub of pertinent info for our member churches and individuals, covering all of the areas of our current set of available guidelines below, as well as the additional areas of GDPR (coming soon), visa immigration, online social media strategies, volunteer strategies, training resources, and tips and help that we can share between churches to help ease the burden and leg work where others have acquired the relevant info already!

We will be sharing profiles and stories about our members, sharing their experiences to raise awareness about current church programs, helpful contacts, church consultants, speakers & training companies/organisations, music resources, helping to promoting Irish & British worship music, teaching aids, sound & AV consultants, youth organisations, Sunday School teaching aids, conference and worship festival listings, producing online sermons & podcasting, dealing with the media, evangelisation in the community, millennials & how to attract them, church insurance, local rates, church structures (charity/corporate entity) and church funding.

Guidelines & Seminars

In recent years, in response to queries from churches throughout Ireland, EAI has organised a number of regional seminars dealing with various issues relating to the management and governance of churches. Various professionals from different disciplines assisted us with their expertise in hosting these seminars. More will be scheduled in the future and additional topics will also be addressed.

In the meantime, a number of guideline documents addressing those topics have been developed and are available to our members. These represent best practices in the various areas addressed and will assist you in development and implementation of your own standards and protocols.

Current EAI Guidelines available to Members

Guideline No 01 Legal Structures for Churches
Guideline No 02 Oversight of Churches and Related Organisations
Guideline No 03 Financial Oversight
Guideline No 04 Transparency
Guideline No 05 The Tax Treatment Charitable Donations and Fundraising
Guideline No 06 Health and Safety Management for Churches
Guideline No 07 Management of Fire Safety
Guideline No 08 Preparation of Planning Applications
Guideline No 09  Child Protection Policies and Procedures
Guideline No 10 Registration of Churches with the Charities Regulator

Obviously, the extent to which we can do this is dependent on the resources available to us. Therefore, your prayers and your financial support are highly valued, as is your volunteering of your time and talents should projects arise that provide opportunity for us to partner together.