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Raise a Hallelujah for Italy!

Our Brothers & Sisters Need Our Support

Yesterday was a St. Patrick’s Day like never before. Yet thousands of us turned our faces to God and cried out to Him in prayer for our nation.

Patrick brought the Gospel to Ireland at a time of unprecedented cultural, economic and religious crisis in the Roman Empire. He did not see the troubled times as an excuse for remaining inward focused – but instead they spurred him on to outreach.

Our brothers and sisters in Italy are enduring a crisis with COVID-19 that is many times worse than what we are currently facing in Ireland. You may have seen the footage on TV news of defiant Italians on lockdown refusing to be cowed by this virus, flinging open their windows and singing operatic songs.

Now Italian Christians are taking a similar stand. Tomorrow evening (Thursday 19 March) at 7.30pm Rome time, thousands of them will open their windows and sing a Hallelujah to affirm their faith in God.

Let’s join them! As Evangelical believers in Ireland, will you make a similar act of faith and solidarity? You may want to open a window or a door to do it – although our weather is not as conducive to this as it is in Italy! But wherever you are, and however you wish to do it, will you sing a Hallelujah to God and pray fervently for our Italian brothers and sisters? Remember, we are one hour behind Rome, so we will do this at 6.30pm tomorrow.

You may want to sing a Hallelujah unaccompanied. Some of you may be gifted enough musically to accompany yourselves on an instrument. Or you can utilise the blessings of technology by singing along to a Youtube track. There are many songs, both old and new, which involve singing Hallelujah to the Lord. Here is one contemporary example: 

However you want do it, please set aside a few minutes tomorrow (Thursday 19 March) at 6.30pm Irish Time. What a wonderful response it would be to coronavirus for thousands of Irish Christians to stand with thousands of Italian Christians and declare that we are not isolated, but united.