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Episode 29 – 5th December 2020
Who is He in Yonder Stall?

UCB Ireland have taken EAI’s weekly video and enhanced the audio with extra music. Listen to Nick Park as he describes his worst Christmas and his best Christmas.


Nick Park, Executive Director of Evangelical Alliance Ireland, highlights the church scene in Ireland and chats with featured guests as well as providing his unique take on the week’s news stories.

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Episode 28 – 18th May 2020
Featuring Philip McKinley & David Turner

Nick talks about viruses and vaccines. Phil McKinley shares the beautiful concept of The Irish Blessing project. David Turner explains how persecuted Christians are under added pressure due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Episode 27 – 11th April 2020
Featuring John McCarthy & David Turner

Nick shares on why the Church can’t go back to business as usual. John McCarthy, evangelist & surf instructor, talks about Cliffs of Hope and his new video. David Turner encourages us to pray for Mahrokh Kanbari in Iran and Sawan Masih in Pakistan.

Episode 26 – 26th March 2020
Featuring Vincent Hughes & David Turner

Nick explains why a real life and death crisis reminds us that sport is only a game. Vincent Hughes of UBC, on the other side of the microphone for a change, talks about how a school event led to a life in radio. David Turner encourages us to pray for Meron Gebreselasie -imprisoned in Eritrea.

Episode 25 – 19th March 2020
Featuring a Special Interview with Dr Jubil Thomas, a Christian Doctor at the Front Line

Nick sends our prayers & good wishes to Dr Ciara Kelly. Dr Jubil Thomas, as a committed Christian and medical doctor, offers his unique perspective on the coronavirus crisis. David Turner encourages us to pray for Leah Sharibu – a brave young woman kidnapped by Book Haram.


Episode 24 – 10th March 2020
The Church’s Response to the Virus, CMA Interview (Christian Motorcycle Association)

Nick explains how the way churches respond to the Corona virus will determine how people view us long after the virus becomes a distant memory. David Turner continues Church in Chains’ Lent project by urging us to pray for Kim Jong Uk, imprisoned for his faith in North Korea. This week’s interview is with Phil Burrell & other bikers from the Christian Motorcycle Association.

Episode 23 – 28th February 2020
Coronavirus, Whistleblowers, Aretha & Harriet

Nick discusses why taking coronavirus seriously shouldn’t send us into despair or panic. Nick also shares his deeply personal experience of being a whistleblower. David Turner kicks off Church in Chains’ lent project by telling us about Wang Yi – a pastor imprisoned for his faith in China. Finally, Nick shares a double-feature movies review of ‘Amazing Grace’ (Aretha Franklin’s live Gospel concert) and ‘Harriet’ (the incredible and inspiring true account of how the Holy Spirit used an escaped slave to lead others to freedom).

Episode 22 – 18th February 2020
Promises Electoral & Evangelistic, Darren Sharp, & the Church in Saudi Arabia

Nick reflects on politicians (and churches) who over-promise but under-deliver. Darren Sharp explains how Compassion Ireland are changing lives, and David Turner of Church in Chains informs us as to how to pray for Christians in Saudi Arabia.

Episode 21 – 7th February 2020

Nick shares his personal experience of what it means to be homeless, and why he believes housing to be a human right and a moral issue. Also,David Turner of Church in Chains explains how we can pray for the Church in Kazakhstan.

Episode 20 – 29th January 2020
Praying & Voting, Mick Toolan, & the Church in Indonesia

Nick encourages us to pray before we vote – and highlights some of the key issues guiding his vote. Mick Toolan talks about his water charity work in Cameroon, and David Turner of Church in Chains describes how Indonesia is both the home of megachurches and of persecuted Christians.

Episode 19 – 17th January 2020
The 2 Popes, Steve Vaughan & the Church in Syria

Nick contrasts the Two Popes movie with the reality. Steve Vaughan shares about a new early morning Faith & Work initiative in Dublin, and David Turner of Church in Chains describes the Persecuted Church in Syria.

Episode 18 – 11th January 2020
Fake News & Measles, Pastor Jayaseelan & the Church in Mexico

Nick asks how much of the news headlines we really getting. Pastor Jayaseelan shares about the Ministry of Jesus Church in Ballyfermot. Also, David Turner of Church in Chains helps us know how to pray for the Church in Mexico.

Episode 17 – 1st January 2020
New Year’s Day Podcast

Nick encourages us to listen to the man who stands at the gate of the year, and to enter 2020 hand-in-hand with God. Nick also looks ahead to initiatives planned in the next 12 months, including an interview with Dr James Davis about Dublin becoming a ‘global hub of Christianity’. David Turner shares some of the areas that Church in Chains are keeping their eyes on in 2020.

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