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The Evangelical Seanchaí Podcasts

Nick Park, Executive Director of Evangelical Alliance Ireland, highlights the church scene in Ireland and chats with featured guests as well as providing his unique take on the week’s news stories.

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Episode 11 – 13th November 2019
Gay Byrne, Jonny Lindsay & the Church in Egypt

Following the death of the broadcaster Gay Byrne, Nick Park of Evangelical Alliance responds to those who view his legacy in a negative light. Nick also chats to Jonny Lindsay about his ministry at Vox Magazine, and to David Turner of Church In Chains about religious freedom, discrimination and persecution in Egypt.


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Episode 10 – 6th November 2019
Genocide, Homelessness, Persecution in Sri Lanka and Laurel & Hardy

Nick explains why recognising the Turkish slaughter of the Armenians as ‘genocide’ is more than semantics. How Evangelical Christians are joining Ireland’s Jewish community to listen to Holocaust survivors and mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht. Damian Jackson talks about a new church initiative to address the issue of homelessness. David Turner explains persecution in Sri Lanka. Finally, there’s a review of the movie ‘Stan & Ollie’ – what’s that doing in a Christian podcast?.

Episode 9 – 29th October 2019
A New Irish Christian Documentary, Persecution in Nigeria & People Trafficking

Nick explains why push and pull factors have created a flood of migrants that will not abate. How can rich & developed nations avoid the tragedy of migrants suffocating in containers? David Patton talks about his new documentary film – ‘The Spiritual Journey of Ireland’ Meanwhile, David Turner explains why life is so different for Christians in different regions of Nigeria.

Episode 8 – 19th October 2019
Fraser Hosford’s New Book, Persecution in Iraq & Glorifying Criminality

Nick questions whether making drugs gangs a source of entertainment is feeding Ireland’s problem with criminality. Fraser Hosford shares about the launch of Praxis Press with his new book ‘Down With This Sort of Thing.’ David Turner highlights conditions for Christians in Iraq and a new housing initiative through a Church in Chains partnership.

Episode 7 – 12th October 2019
Featuring David Wilson on Biblical Sexuality & David Turner on North Korea

Nick Park discusses how the world, and the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, are recognising African Christians who are transforming their Continent . David Wilson of Agape Ministries shares about the upcoming “Living Out’ Conference, and how church leaders can help Christians with same-sex attractions who want to remain faithful to biblical standards of sexuality. David Turner, of Church in Chains, also explains what it is like to be a Christian in North Korea.

Episode 6 – 5th October 2019
Featuring Patrick Mitchel & a movie review of ‘Unplanned’

Nick Park discusses partisanship and intransigence in the news headlines, a BBC documentary on the Northern Irish Troubles, and a hug in a US courtroom that dramatically displayed Christian forgiveness. Patrick Mitchel of Irish Bible Institute talks about his new book ‘The Message of Love’. David Turner shares about persecution of Christians in Uzbekistan. The podcast finishes with a movie review of ‘Unplanned’ – the powerful story of Abby Johnson’s journey from abortion clinic director to pro-life campaigner.

Episode 5 – 27th September 2019
Featuring the pastors of Betania Church in Dublin

Episode 5 features an interview with the pastors of the 1000-strong Betania Church in Dublin, recorded live on the construction site of their massive new building. David Turner shares about persecution in Iran. Also, Nick looks at why news stories about Boris Johnson, Maria Bailey & Donald Trump should make Christians pause for their own integrity check.

Episode 4 – 20th September 2019
Featuring Donna Jennings of TIO & David Turner

Nick Park brings his unique take on the week’s headlines, focusing on Justin Trudeau’s ‘blackface’ past and our need for grace and redemption. David Turner shares about persecution of Christians in Eritrea. Also, Nick interviews Donna Jennings about her experience with Micah, her autistic son, and about an upcoming TIO Conference in Greystones, County Wicklow, to help equip the Church to celebrate and minister to those with learning disabilities.

Episode 3 – 16th September 2019
With Nick Park, Arise Fire Conference Team & David Turner

Nick Park of Evangelical Alliance Ireland reflects on the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and why TearFund Ireland are praying for the climate. There’s an interview with the planners of the National Women’s Fire Conference in Dublin. David Turner shares about persecution in Pakistan, and Nick launches a new segment – God’s Growing Church – by explaining why church worship songs need to be both biblical and singable.

Episode 2 – 8th September 2019
With Nick Park, Roy Angle & David Turner

Nick Park of Evangelical Alliance Ireland reviews the news headlines, concentrating on the alarming decline in society’s expectations of leadership and why we are turning bullies into heroes and role models. Roy Angle shares about his passion for the Church to provide community. David Turner shares about the Persecuted Church in India. The Evangelical Seanchaí Podcast seeks to inform, connect, equip & represent Ireland’s Evangelical Christians.

Episode 1 – 31st August 2019

Evangelical Alliance’s Nick Park chats with TearFund Ireland, Church in Chains, & draws inspiration from Stephen the Blind Hedgehog.