Our Vision

Evangelical Alliance Ireland exists to serve individuals and churches in Ireland who share our distinctive beliefs.

These beliefs can be summed up in four primary characteristics.

  1. The New Birth.  We believe in the absolute necessity of a personal experience of Jesus Christ by which each person is born again by faith.
  2. The Cross.  Our beliefs and practices must be Christocentric.  Christ’s atoning death upon the Cross is, and always will be, the defining event of human history.
  3. The Bible.  The Scriptures are the Word of God and are authoritative for Christian faith and practice.
  4. The Gospel.  Our experience of Jesus Christ necessarily involves us in proclaiming the message of salvation, both in word and by actions that reflect the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

We serve by Connecting, Equipping and Representing.

We seek to connect and facilitate cooperation between Evangelicals from a wide range of congregations, movements and denominations.

We aim to equip individuals and churches by providing insights and resources that can help them to minister the Gospel in authentic, relevant and faithful ways.

We strive to represent by articulating a voice in Irish society that expresses Evangelical viewpoints in a way that is attractive, coherent and biblical.