Our Team

Nick Park

Nick Park | Executive Director of EAI

Voice and Advocacy, effectively the public face and voice of EAI. Amongst other roles, he co-ordinates our Voice group which considers how EAI should engage in issues in the public sphere. Nick was the principal author and driving force behind a number of EAI publications such as the books on migrants and marriage. Nick is senior pastor of Solid Rock Church, a lively multi-cultural congregation in Dundalk.

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Julian Plant

Julian Plant | Part-time Administrator of EAI

Julian brings an impressive range of gifts and experience to the role of part time administrator. As well as being a member of Hillside Evangelical Church, Greystones, and a budding musician, he also runs his own IT company.

EAI is also very grateful to have Jubilee Osowa and Audrey Adams as volunteers on the team.