Our History

Evangelical Alliance Ireland (EAI) was founded and officially launched in 2004 following a lengthy period of consultation by the founding members with church leaders throughout the country who sensed the need for a national body that could unite and represent evangelicals.

In its early days, EAI’s focus was on encouraging Christians and churches to engage with one another and their communities at both local and national levels.

Over the years EAI has served as a catalyst to launch other, somewhat independent, initiatives, for example – the C.S. Lewis Lecture Series, which seeks to present a Christian perspective on social issues, and Tirzah – an anti-human trafficking initiative.

EAI has also hosted seminars on engaging with the media. In 2007 EAI published Votewise which outlined various issues which Christians should consider prior to casting their vote. Members of the EAI board were involved in the establishment of Vox magazine.

In more recent times, having established itself as a source of reasoned and thoughtful perspective on a range of issues, EAI has often been asked to contribute to conversations and discussions in the public sphere and media. It was one of a very small number of bodies asked to present its views and defence of a traditional understanding of marriage to the Convention on the Constitution.

Today, our vision of seeing the power and values of the kingdom of God permeate every level of Irish society remains as strong as ever. We aim to do this in partnership with Christians and churches throughout Ireland by encouraging and equipping them to the extent that our own resources allow. We also endeavour to present an evangelical Christian perspective in the public sphere on issues of national importance.

EAI is a member of the European Evangelical Alliance and the World Evangelical Alliance and represents Ireland to the Lausanne Movement.