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NUA Christmas

NUA Church/Paris/School Christmas Resources for 9 to 14 year olds

Looking for a Christmas Resource for your Primary School/1st Year Students, Parish or Church?

The Scripture Union NUA Christmas resource for 9 to 14 year olds is now available for download and use. This new three series video resource provides a fresh perspective on the real meaning and message of Christmas and is ideal for use in a parish/church/school and youth ministry context. It would also be a wonderful addition to your services over the next three weeks (Advent) leading up to Christmas and a wonderful opportunity for a family to view the three visoes and explore the Chriatmas story in an engaging, contemporary  and fun way.

The Contents of our NUA:Christmas digital pack are as follows:

  1. The Video Links PDF – We have provided brief instructions on how to download the videos to your computer. Do take note of the password.
  2. The NUA:Christmas Guide PDF – Filled with helpful things like lesson plans, episode summaries, ice-breakers and discussion questions.
  3. The NUA:Christmas Journal PDF – This is a printable creation to help the young people reflect on the experience.
  4. The DIY Christmas Jumper – An optional activity for Episode 1 (for younger people).
  5. The Unexpected Quiz – An optional activity after Episode 2.
  6. The Series Worksheet – An optional extra for Episode 3 to act as a summary exercise (for younger people).

The Good News is that this resource of provided totally FREE and is a GIFT to bless you in your ministry and those in your parish/church and local faith community context. All we ask is that you simply log onto the Scripture Union Ireland web site and register your interest so we can track who and in what context the resource is being used.

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SU Ireland and SU Scotland have teamed up to produce this free fun but engaging three part video series that provides a fresh perspective on the First Christmas, communicating the  real meaning and message of Christmas, suitable for a range of contexts primary school, 1st year secondary, parish and church and explores why it matters for us today.

Aimed at 9-14 year olds – join Sarah Campbell, Darren Bourke and Mark Murray on a very unique and entertaining journey that highlights the true meaning of Christmas. Each episode is approx 7 mins long.

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