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New VOX Magazine, April 2021 is here – View Online

For this special 50th edition of the magazine, we’re trying out a new design, created to enable more people to access the magazine on digital devices (along with a smaller size print edition). After 13 years and 50 editions of the magazine, we’re so grateful to look back and see God’s faithfulness, enabling us to share the stories of what God is doing on our island.

Easter reminds us that God’s story does not ignore suffering and sin but rather faces them at the cross bringing the joy and hope of resurrection. So too in this issue, we face into painful topics of abuse knowing that the light of Christ shines even into the darkest corners of our past and present.

Special Report: Mother and Baby Homes – What is the Christian response?

“If the testimonies of survivors and the presence of infant cadavers cannot evoke lament among Christians, never mind words of repentance, then there is something very wrong.”

A Pandemic of Silence – the ugly truth behind Ravi Zacharias’ global ministry

“We should test the actions of those in authority against the standards set in Scripture,” says Karen Huber.

Global Success for Irish Teens

The inspirational women behind the award-winning Memory Haven App and the cruel racism that sought to rob them of their joy.

Plus opportunities to hear about the work of Serve the City and Glen Galvin shares his journey to faith in My Story.

Along with all your favourite columnists, news and reviews!

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Get VOX Editor Ruth Garvey-Williams’ new book Gloriously Ordinary together with the new issue for just €13 (incl. P&P).