EAI Membership

EAI has been working to Connect, Equip and Represent the evangelical movement in the Republic of Ireland since 2005.

In summary we seek to: Connect churches and individuals together as one evangelical family, Equip churches to do their work is any way that we can, and Represent an evangelical viewpoint to wider society and evangelical churches in various forums.

Membership in EAI allows individual churches and individual Christians to support this work. Without the support of our members we would not be able to continue our work as we rely entirely on that support.

One of the greatest benefit that you would enjoy as members is therefore the knowledge that you are supporting the growth and well-being of the evangelical movement in Ireland.

We can, however, also point to the following practical benefits that membership brings for individuals, churches and organisations:

  • Membership in EAI joins you to the greater evangelical movement in Ireland.
  • As part of that greater movement, represented by EAI, your voice will be stronger and will be heard more loudly in the public sphere.
  • Through EAI you will be able to make your views known and those views will feed into the great evangelical movement, helping to shape its direction and purpose.
  • EAI also represents churches on the Irish Council of Churches.
  • EAI is the main body used by governmental and regulatory bodies when they wish to deal with matters concerning or affecting the evangelical movement
  • Practical benefits of membership include such things as
    • Access to our practical guidelines on a variety of topics such as Church Governance, Finance, Child Protection, Planning and Fire Regulations, dealing with Charity Regulators etc.
    • Advice and support on Visa applications for Ministers of Religion and for Volunteers from overseas.
    • Practical advice on matters concerning the running of churches.
    • Seminars on various topics (in recent years these have included Health and Safety, Youth Leadership Development, developing Community Outreach programs, etc).
    • A link into other churches in Ireland.
    • Regular updates and news items on matters of concern
    • Access to educational and informative books, written by EAI and our Executive Director Nick Park.

The above are some of the benefits of membership of EAI. Above all, however, as said above, membership allows you to give practical support to the work of EAI in Connecting, Equipping and Representing evangelicals and evangelical churches in Ireland and through this work to further the Kingdom of God in Ireland.

The larger our membership is the more effective we can be and the more influence we can have. Our influence is growing annually as we become larger and better known and as the work we do bears more fruit. For instance:

  • During the referendum campaign on changing the 8th Amendment, we distributed over 9,000 books on the subject and conducted meetings in over 40 venues around the country, equipping ordinary Christians with the tools to advocate for the unborn.
  • We liaised with the Government on the re-drafting of the visa requirements for incoming Ministers of Religion and were successful in having many of concerns addressed in the new processes.
  • We have worked closely with the Charity Regulator on their approach to dealing with the registration of churches.

For 2019/2020 we will be focusing on updating and expanding our website to offer our members a wide range of resources, releasing new books by our Executive Director Nick Park, running a series of podcasts on how Christians are impacting and working within the communities in Ireland and setting up a network of area coordinators to connect evangelicals and evangelical churches within Ireland.