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It’s Friday! | 16th April 2021

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming! Who’s Being Intolerant? Sir Keir Starmer’s forced apology for visiting an Evangelical Church.


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Friday 9th April 2021
Church & Government – Where we often get it wrong.

Friday 2nd April 2021
Evangelical Alliance Ireland’s Easter Message with added comments from Executive Director Nick Park.

Friday 26th March 2021
Introducing a nationwide evangelistic outreach for 2022.

Friday 19th March 2021
Why wearing odd socks can celebrate God’s children.

Friday 12th March 2021
The real tragedy is not a hospital’s misdiagnosis, but that our society thinks it’s OK to kill a sick unborn child.

Friday 5th March 2021
Why we must stand up for religious freedom for all.

Friday 26th February 2021
St Patrick’s Day is coming. Are you ready for a big day in?

Friday 19th February 2021
Responding to two developing evangelical horror stories.

Friday 12th February 2021
Racism has no place in the Body of Christ.

Friday 5th February 2021
Outlining the EAI submission to Irish legislators on the proposed Assisted Suicide Bill.

Friday 29th January 2021
Watch out, there’s a cult about! Raising awareness of the dangers of Shincheonji.

Friday 22nd January 2021
Don’t dismiss the value of private prayer in church buildings.

Friday 15th January 2021
Lessons from the Capitol riot & the mother-and-baby homes report.



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