Donate to EAI

Everything that EAI does is dependent on the generous support of its members and donors. Both are currently essential as membership subscriptions cover only a portion of our operating costs.Although we endeavour to stretch our limited funds as much as  possible and are proud of what we have accomplished to date on a very limited budget, the fact remains that there is a direct link between the level of donations we receive and the extent to which we can effectively serve the Irish church.

Many of our recent projects could not have been completed without the generous support of donors. – e.g. the recent publication, Who Own Marriage, which has received a lot of praise, was dependent on crowd-sourced funding.

If you would like to make a donation to the ministry of EAI you can do so via PayPal’s secure website by clicking on the donate button on this page.

You do not need to have a PayPal account as they facilitate payment through a variety of additional means, including debit and credit cards.

Please note that, if you are an Irish taxpayer, donations exceeding €250 per annum may be eligible for tax relief making your contribution go even further, as the table below outlines.

Annual Donation Tax Relief from Revenue Total Value of your donation to EAI
€250 €112.32 €362.32
€500 €224.64 €724.64
€1,000 €449.28 €1,449.28