EAI Statement on Mother and Baby Report

12:55 pm

The Government’s report on mother and baby homes makes grim reading. Irish women and children were subjected to neglect and cruelty, all within an institutional framework that was sanctioned and supported by the State.

Much anger is now focused on the Roman Catholic Church, but it is important to recognise that one of the homes, Bethany, was run by Evangelical Protestants.

According to the report, this home had a shockingly high rate of infant mortality. Key factors appear to have been overcrowding, malnutrition, a high rate of disease and infections, inadequate facilities, underqualified staff, and […]

It’s Friday! | 15th January 2021

8:01 am

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming! Lessons from the Capitol riot & the mother-and-baby homes report.



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EAI Press Release on RTÉ’s New Year’s Eve Sketch

11:33 am

Evangelical Alliance Ireland notes with concern that our national broadcaster, RTÉ, thought it appropriate to mark the New Year by airing a comedy sketch that joked about rape, and about God being a rapist.
We have written to RTÉ, stressing that the airing of an item likely to cause offence (itself a breach of the law) was compounded by what appears to be a deliberate intention to cause offence.
Organisations such as Atheist Ireland have defended RTÉ’s actions on the grounds that the prohibition against blasphemy was recently removed from the Irish Constitution.
However, just because an action is […]

Back Into Level Five

4:04 pm
An Taoiseach

I apologise that some of you are receiving your 3rd or 4th email from us in as many days, but we promised to keep you updated of any changes in government restrictions.

The following communication has been sent to EAI from the Taoiseach’s Office:

Dear all,

Further to the Government announcement today regarding the move to Level 5, the following Religious Service restrictions apply:

Religious Services:

Christmas religious services may take place up to and including the 25thDecember 2020
With effect from the 26th December 2020 religious services will move online […]

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