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A Christian Doctor Prays For Our Health Workers – Video

Dr Jubil Thomas is a hospital consultant and a Christian minister. He is helping lead the frontline battle against Coronavirus. In this video he prays for Ireland’s health workers.

You may have seen images in the national press of staff at Drogheda Hospital crying and applauding at their first Covid-19 patient to be discharged from ICU. The patient (who did give their consent for the images to be used) is a member of a local Evangelical church. Dr Jubil, who is leading that hospital’s fight against the virus, is a hospital consultant and a Christian preacher & minister.

The final image of the video shows one of the Drogheda staff wearing a face shield which was produced by an Evangelical Christian, David Matthews, on a 3D printer. David has raised funds to purchase several 3D printers, and has them running round the clock producing face shields which provide a higher standard of protection than standard issue PPE

Click on the video below to play!