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A Call to Pray – This Palm Sunday 5th April: 3-4pm

Palm Sunday
5th April 2020

Join With Us This Palm Sunday

The simple call behind this initiative is to get as many people as possible across the island of Ireland to pray together at the same time during this great time of need.

EAI is joining with many other ministries and churches to call the people of God to prayer. We are setting aside 3pm to 4pm on Palm Sunday (5th April) to do this together.

We do not want to be too prescriptive or to overly complicate things. The most important thing is that you commit to pray at this time. Please do not feel guilty if you cannot manage the full hour.

The one thing that we are wanting everyone to do, if they are able, is to kneel down and pray for the last 10 minutes. We want the epicentre of this prayer time to be when we all kneel, in our homes, at 3.50pm. Just as Jesus humbled himself on the first Palm Sunday, riding on an infant donkey, we want our act of worship to be one where we bow down and lift His name up.