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A Bible personalised for every senator and TD – Betania Church Dublin

Ireland’s Bibles Have Returned // Betania Church Dublin

Over 30 years ago, Irish people were remembering how together with their parents, packed and sent Bibles to Romania with huge risks involved as it was under communist rule. Now after 30 years, these Bibles have returned with hands and feet in this country.

We realised that a nation is most blessed when its leaders believe in Christian values for its society and so we decided to start this project: A Bible personalised for every senator and TD that were left impressed by this gesture. Some have confessed with joy that they remembered the Christian education they once received in their parental homes. We wish for this to be a motivation for them to go back to their roots. No matter who is currently leading the nation, they are there only for a temporary moment. However, God will always remain the forefront of a nation.

Some have taken out Bibles from schools, although they have introduced them into prisons and this is a paradox. We are glad that Ireland is still fighting for these values in some schools. At the initiation of this project with the Bibles, we have begun with the church, for each senator and TD in the government, that there is a person who is praying for them each day constantly. We believe in the power of prayer and we believe that God can change a nation.

This content comes from one of our member churches: Betania Church Dublin.