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EAI's latest resource addresses the Charity registration process.

EAI has taken to the road in partnership with churches nationwide to promote our Human Rights-based approach to retaining the Eighth Amendment.

EAI has released its official statement concerning the referendum on the repeal of the 8th Amendment.

The Evangelical Seanchaí blog hosted a number of relevant posts in advance of the recent EAI's National Forum

We are seeking your help facilitating the free distribution of life affirming resources from EAI.

EAI latest Guideline focuses on Child Protection Policies and Procedures.

Here's something exciting! EAI are working together with several other ministries to launch the Celebrating the Gift of Life Writing Competition.

The latest EAI Resources include 2 publications to help encourage non-Christians and Christians alike to support life.

EAI Executuve Director, Nick Park, challenges Christians to engage in loving their refugee neighbours.

EAI publications can now be purchased in Kindle format.

EAI is dedicated to equipping the Irish church with practical and relevant resources to inform and empower its mission.

Our latest publication, Ireland: A People Shaped by Easter, has just been released. It explores a number of pivotal Irish Easters, dating back to the days of St. Patrick, up to 1916, and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, and then goes on to set them in their true context – the first Easter when Jesus rose from the dead.  It shares the personal stories of Irish people who are finding the first Easter helps them incorporate these other Easters into their sense of national identity.

Churches are encouraged to place bulk orders of this publication for use in their own local community during lent 2016. More information on doing so can be found here.

For a limited time, the Kindle version of this book is available for free at here.

Other Publications

Last year we published a number of books, copies of which were distributed to churches and christian leaders throughout the country. Hard copies are now in extremely limited supply (but please contact our office if you wish to source one).

However, digitial copies (in Kindle format) are available to purchase via  One does not need to own a Kindle device to read Kindle format eBooks - free software can be downloaded allowinfg them to be read on any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Ministry to Migrants was written to inform churches and christian of the needs of migrants and assylum seekers in the current Irish context and suggest ways of ministering to them. It was written by Nick Park, EAI Executive Director, who also pastors a large and vibrant multi-cultural church congregation consisting of many 'new Irish' immigrants.

It can be purchased via here.

Who Owns Marriage was written to begin a conversation among Christians and others that went beyond the controversy of the recent referendum and looked at the big questions of marriage, sexuality, identity, and how people in a secular society can be true to their beliefs while still respecting each other.

The book involves contributions from a range of perspectives on both sides of the debate and has received much praise for both its content and the respectful tone of the discussions therein.

It can be purchased via here.