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Christians in Sport, an international ministry, will this year run their first Sports Plus summer coaching camp for young people in Ireland.

Praxis, is holding its annual conference on 10-11th May, with the intention of inspiring and encouraging increased missional ministry by ordinary people through Ireland.

EAI's latest resource addresses the Charity registration process.

EAI has taken to the road in partnership with churches nationwide to promote our Human Rights-based approach to retaining the Eighth Amendment.

EAI has released its official statement concerning the referendum on the repeal of the 8th Amendment.

The Evangelical Seanchaí blog hosted a number of relevant posts in advance of the recent EAI's National Forum

We are seeking your help facilitating the free distribution of life affirming resources from EAI.

EAI latest Guideline focuses on Child Protection Policies and Procedures.

Here's something exciting! EAI are working together with several other ministries to launch the Celebrating the Gift of Life Writing Competition.

The latest EAI Resources include 2 publications to help encourage non-Christians and Christians alike to support life.