The Irish Evangelical Church - Growing and Vibrant

EAI's releases, Growing & Vibrant, an extensively researched survey of the contemporary evangelical church in Ireland, beyond the main four denominations.

Quality research about Evangelicals in Ireland tends to be thin on the ground. I often hear statistics bandied around based on very different contexts, such as research carried out in the US or the UK. 

Also, religion here in Ireland is usually discussed in terms of 'The Four Main Churches' without acknowledging other expressions of Christianity. 

Of course, we rejoice in the thousands of Irish Evangelicals who belong to traditional mainstream denominations, but we also want to highlight what is happening elsewhere.

EAI's most recent report, Growing & Vibrant, is well researched, statistically significant, and highly encouraging. Our survey revealed over 500 Evangelical congregations in the Irish Republic beyond the main denominations. Among the key findings are:

1. The majority (58%) of such churches are growing, with only 11% reporting a decline in numbers.
2. These churches report an impressive ethnic mix, and a young age profile (46% of members aged under 30, and 75% aged under 50).
3. Besides Sunday services, a high proportion of members participate in other gatherings during the week. Churches report an average of five different weekly events.
4. Churches report a strong emphasis on working in their local community.

All in all, this encouraging report is in striking contrast with popular misconceptions of Christianity in Ireland as being irrelevant or declining.

You can access a PDF of the Growing & Vibrant Report HERE:

Also, here is an article from Vox Magazine about the Report:

And an article from the Irish Times:

If you would like to receive a printed copy of the Growing & Vibrant Report, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the meanwhile, as the Church faces numerous challenges in a rapidly changing society, let's share and celebrate this piece of good news!

God Bless you

Nick Park
Executive Director
Evangelical Alliance Ireland